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America’s Most Extreme Cities

The Most Extreme Major Metropolitan Areas in the U.S.

February 2024


What are America’s most unusual cities?

The country’s largest metropolitan areas — places with a population of over one million — look wildly different from each other.

Which ones are the biggest outliers?

Research from Pew found that Dallas was the metro area with the highest percentage of Christians, as well as of evangelicals specifically.i

Meanwhile, Chicago had the highest percentage of Catholics.ii

New York City had the highest percentage of people from non-Christian faiths.iii

And Seattle had the highest proportion of people with no religious faith at all.iv

America’s wealthiest major metro is San Jose/Silicon Valley, where the average income per person is over $140,000 a year.v

The least wealthy is the Inland Empire, a group of Los Angeles exurbs where the average income per person is a little over $50,000 a

America’s whitest major metropolitan area is Pittsburgh, where the population is over 82% Caucasian.vii

The metro with the largest black population is Memphis, where African Americans make up over 45% of the population.viii

The largest Hispanic population can be found in California’s Central Valley, where Fresno is nearly 54% Latino.ix

At 52% of the population, the largest share of Asians/Pacific Islanders is in Honolulu.

The highest concentration of Native Americans is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they make up 14% of the population.x

And America’s most multi-racial metro is San Antonio, where around 1/4 of the population claims heritage from two or more races.xi

The metro area made up most heavily of immigrants is Miami, where over 40% of the population is foreign-born.xii

The major metro with the highest educational attainment is Washington D.C., where nearly 27% of the population has graduate degrees.xiii

And America’s youngest metro area is Salt Lake City, where a high birth rate means the median age is under 34.xiv

So, no matter who you are ... America probably has a place that’s just right for you.



  1. Dallas, Chicago, New York City, and Seattle are some of America's biggest demographic outliers when it comes to religion. 
  2. The biggest outliers in terms of racial composition are Pittsburgh, Memphis, Fresno, Honolulu, Tulsa, and San Antonio. 
  3. California has both America's wealthiest major metro area and its least wealthy one. 



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