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On the Road Again: America’s Leading Tourist Destinations

Most popular tourist attractions in the United States

August 2022


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Americans are hitting the road. 81% of Americans said they have summer travel plans for 2022.i And as the pandemic wanes, over 40% say they are traveling more than they did last summer.

So, where do Americans go on summer vacation? The most popular international destination: Cancun.ii The most popular domestic destination: Orlando. In fact, Florida ranks #2 amongst states for number of annual visitors

(Behind California)

America’s least visited state? West Virginia.iii

Some places are such popular travel destinations that they’re predominantly made up of tourists. Miami has 16 times as many tourists per year as it has residents … and in Las Vegas, locals are outnumbered 10 to 1.iv In fact, the Las Vegas Strip is tied as America’s second most popular tourist destination … with Central Park. Both sites get 42 million visitors each year.

But the most popular tourist destination in the United States is … Times Square, with 50 million visitors each year.v

If you’re looking for a less crowded travel destination, you might consider ... Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. Gates of the Arctic is the least visited location in the National Park System … because it’s located in the Arctic Circle and has no roads or Not a bad place to catch up on some summer reading.


  1. Cancun is the most popular international destination for summer travel, while Orlando is the most popular domestically.
  2. California is the most visited state in the country, and West Virginia the least.
  3. Times Square is the most visited tourist attraction in the country.



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FOOTAGE: Dino Reichmuth (Unsplash) // Patrick J. Endres (Getty) 

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